Beauty Bakerie

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A powerful story of resilience and inspiration, Cashmere Nicole founded Beauty Bakerie in 2011 with the mission to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others. During a challenging, but successful fight with breast cancer, Cashmere became extremely health conscious and research-driven about the products we put in and on our bodies.

The Beauty Bakerie brand is a direct reflection of Cashmere’s perseverance and passion for both high quality, healthy ingredients that enhance the beauty in everyone, every day.

Cashmere continues to grow her brand which is now sold in 1000 locations worldwide. She embodies the sweet life not only by developing cruelty-free, all-inclusive cosmetics but more importantly while implementing initiatives such as the 501(c)3, Sugar Homes that she founded in 2016 which supports the needs of orphaned children worldwide. The first home located in Kasese, Uganda supports the needs of 24 children and has done so for the past 2 years. The brand recently added identified another opportunity to have an impact on the lives of 200 children in a small village in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

The brand has been dubbed, ‘activists in makeup’ for being vocal about injustices that span a variety of issues to include the disparities within the beauty space, The Black Lives Matter Movement, The Dream Act, The Muslim Ban, missing children, and human trafficking. “I’ve always felt a sense of duty to use my platform to inform, to encourage & educate, to uplift, unite and inspire others to see the value in being sweet; being a person that looks beyond the surface for the things that truly make a difference in the world.”